Hoarding Services

Steri-Clean, Inc. is known throughout the United States for their caring, professional, and affordable hoarding cleanup services. Unlike companies that specialize in junk hauling, trash outs, and debris removal, Steri-Clean, Inc. employees are trained in the hoarding disorder. Each Steri-Clean, Inc. team member attends training which includes the psychology behind the disorder, triggers which cause people to hoard, and how to make the most progress while working with people that struggle with the hoarding disorder. We don’t simply come in and throw out a person’s belongings! We take a customized approach to each individual customer, to make sure we have the plan for them.

By fully understanding the road map of how each of our clients have gotten to the place we found them, we can help reverse them back to a normal, clutter free life. There are many layers to the hoarding disorder and hoarding cleanup is just one small part of helping them achieve and maintain a clutter free life. We bring together all of the pieces of the puzzle, while building trust and maintaining it through the time we are helping our clients.

Steri-Clean, Inc. has helped make hoarding a household every day name with their part in creating the first Hoarders reality show (Hoarders on A&E) in 2009. Steri-Clean, Inc. helped teach the production company about hoarding and even made the original pilot for the show which was called “Dirty Work”.

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